Ironic Violence
December 8, 1978 — Florida Flambeau (letter)

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This letter to editor ran in the school newspaper of Florida State University (FSU).

Florida Flambeau
Friday, December 8, 1978

‘How priceless our future’


As students trying to keep our minds attuned to the activities brought for us on campus, last Thursday we went to see the movie Hearts and Minds, a documentary on the Vietnam War brought here by CPE and the Iranian Student Association.

Before the movie started, student supporters of the ISA staged a scene between the shah and Carter. It ended with protestors breaking in and beating them. An hour and a half later after seeing the movie in all its clarity and truth, we came to a somewhat disconcerting realization. The very people who brought the movie to the campus ironically enough performed a mock display of violence, the whole point of which the movie condemned.

It seems that the ones that should be the most aware of the horror and inevitable destruction that violence brings are the very ones supporting it.

Let us open our eyes and not forget how priceless our future is.

Holly Hanessian
Sarah Edwardson

The Shah / U.S. "Human Rights" Paradox Decoded by Satirist Henry Gay (1977)
The Shah / U.S. “Human Rights” Paradox Decoded Through Satire (1977)


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