Hopeless Situation
Nov. 26, 1951 — Evening News of the Tonawandas

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This New York newspaper, which billed itself as the “official paper of the Tonawandas and of Niagara County”, began publishing in 1880. The editorial below was printed in their “A Page of Opinion” section on Monday, November 26, 1951, the week Premier Mossadegh returned home from a six week trip to America.


Premier Mossadegh was welcomed back to Iran as a conquering hero, and he promptly went into his usual weeping and fainting shennigans [sic — shenanigans].

Just how the Iranians figure he rates as a hero is difficult to imagine. Faced with the loss of all income from its rich oil fields, Iran is on the verge of national bankruptcy. Under Premier Mossadegh’s leadership, the Iranians not only have ended the British operation of the oil industry, but have refused to accept any working arrangement that would permit production to resume.

Without income from oil, which would accompany that resumption of production, Iran is ruined financially. Premier Mossadegh could claim a victory if he had ousted the British and yet managed to keep the oil flowing. As it is, it would seem the Iranians are cheering a man who has led them into a hopeless situation.

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