We All Knew Where This Insanity Would Lead

Arash Norouzi

The Mossadegh Project | January 20, 2021                    

Donald J. Trump, American Traitor

It was the eve of the 2016 election, and the prospect of a true authoritarian madman becoming the next U.S. President loomed large. This possibility seemed so alarming that a statement felt appropriate. I wrote it quickly, and only posted it on our social media.

Now that the reign of Donald Trump is over, we all know the score. Sedition, malignant narcissism, stochastic terrorism, quid pro quo and kompromat.... Everyone’s familiar with these terms now, they are the lived experience of millions.

Over 400,000 Americans are dead. Unemployment is the highest in U.S. history. A civil war atmosphere is palpable. Trump refused to concede the election to Joe Biden and attempted a desperate coup through several means, including inciting a violent, murderous mob to attack the Capitol building. The Republican Party is now a full-on fascist organization. 25,000 soldiers stand guard in Washington DC against another attempted insurrection.

History will record this dark age for all time, and Trump, the twice impeached traitor, terrorist, cult leader and mega-criminal, will go down as one of history’s biggest villains ever.

In hindsight, every word of my statement reads like the prophecies of a sage. How did I know, am I some kind of genius? Yes—but IT WAS OBVIOUS.

November 7, 2016

In 1952, TIME magazine attacked Premier Mossadegh, a mannered, decent man who worked for free and insulted no one, as a figure of “hate”, a “menace”, and a “grotesque caricature of a statesman” who “oiled the wheels of chaos”.

Now, the rise of Trump, a lying, hateful, vulgar, morally depraved, incendiary, braggadocious, hypocritical, malicious, infantile neo-fascist demagogue and admitted sexual predator has emboldened white supremacists, anti-semites, schoolyard bullies and rape culture enthusiasts, while validating the likes of Khamenei, Putin and Kim Jong-un in their unprincipled repudiation of Western democracy and “human rights”.

If anyone behaved even remotely as badly in the workplace—verbally harassing or slandering others, threatening violence or retaliation, committing sexual assault—they would be terminated on the spot. And yet somehow this man is a serious contender for the highest position in the land.

No foreign despot could compete with the threat that Trump, who has already done incalculable damage, poses to the United States. “The fact that Iranians accept Mossadegh’s suicidal policy”, claimed TIME dishonestly, “is a measure of the hatred of the West...” The fact that this bizarre character, enthusiastically endorsed by the KKK, has been able to ascend so far, so fast, is a penetrating insight into the state of America today — a country at war with itself.

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