Red Inciters

July 18, 1951 — The Herald and Review

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An editorial on Iran in The Herald and Review newspaper of Decatur, Illinois. It also ran the next day in The Southern Illinoisan of Carbondale, Illinois.

Unwanted Peace

The arrival of an emissary bent on maintaining the peace is not ordinarily a signal for physical protest from either side of a two-party quarrel; yet Iran’s Nationalist-Communists seized upon the arrival of W. Averell Harriman to touch off the bloodiest clash yet reported in that bubbling cauldron of oil.

As a result, the Iranian government has proclaimed martial law in Tehran and ordered a roundup of Communists, but this new move is expected only to stiffen Red resistance to feelers toward settlement. Harriman’s chances of negotiating the dispute between Iran and the Anglo-American oil interests were slim enough in the beginning. They now seem virtually impossible, in view of the latest Red-inspired uprising.

It is regretted that he was used in such a manner, because he is a capable diplomat and could possibly have averted further crises. Harriman is President Truman’s personal envoy, and the display against his arrival in the name of peace is a studied insult to the attempt by the United States to save Iran from exploding into open war.

Clearly, the Communistic groups within Iran do not want peace. After years of trying, they have brought into the open the smouldering dispute between Iranians and the British, and now are feeding the blaze with every type of fuel.

The Red inciters like things just the way they are, and will seize upon other actions as guileless as Harriman’s arrival to keep the dispute in full flame. Attention of the Western world to Iran, reason the Reds, is attention averted from other crucial spots where communism is at work.


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