The Shah’s Gesture
August 14, 1952 — The Decatur Review

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An editorial in The Decatur Review newspaper of Decatur, Illinois.

Moving Toward Stability

With his country balanced precariously on the brink of crisis, the Shah of Iran distributed, in a special ceremony this week, title deeds to parts of the royal estate among the peasants who are the beneficiaries of his personal land-reform program.

The Shah is selling off his estates on a long-range small installment plan to peasants. So far, 14,500 acres have been distributed to some 800 new owners. This is not exactly the sweeping land reform programs which are being put into effect in India, for example, invoking millions of acres, but at least it is a start, and provides an answer to the Communist land reform propaganda.

In a nation so beset by political and economic woes as Iran, this gesture of the Shah’s is not going to produce any overnight miracles. In thanking him at the deed ceremony, representatives of the peasants politely reminded their ruler of their other needs, such as water facilities, tractors and other equipment.

But this is the sort of program which eventually will solve the problems of the Middle and far East and remove the breeding ground for Communist agitation. It is what the Point IV program of the United States is designed to foster, and, as such, Point IV is a sound investment in world stability and eventual peace. [Point Four was a U.S. technical assistance program]

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