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Daily Vidette — December 3, 1979 (Letter)

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Early on in the Iran hostage crisis, this letter to the editor was published in the student newspaper of Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.

Send shah back to Iran


When the U.S. government allowed the shah to enter this country, it did so with full knowledge of the result. Government officials knew that the people of Iran would react and they knew that allowing the shah into this country was a deliberate provocation and insult to the people of Iran.

The shah is a criminal, and to shelter him is no different from sheltering Nazi war criminals or any other tyrants who have been forced to leave their country. His rule was a continued reign terror for the Iranian people. Moreover, he was installed in power by a CIA-organized coup. The Iranian people have every right to suspect and fear interference in the internal affairs of Iran. They have suffered for more than 25 years from it.

Hysteria, then, over Iran’s “insult” to the United States hides the real issues, the most important of which is that the interests of the American people are not served when our government engages in foreign adventures.

Send the shah back to be tried by the people he oppressed and robbed. Do we really want our country to become an asylum and refuge for the world’s deposed dictators?

Rosemary Fandel
General Student


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