Playing A Wily Game
August 21, 1953 — The Daily Sentinel

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Lead editorial in The Daily Sentinel newspaper in Rome, New York. Premier Mossadegh was overthrown on August 19th, 1953.

Red Moves Watched in Revolt-Torn Iran

The ones to watch now in strife-torn Iran are the Communists.

A violent revolution has deposed Mohammed Mossadegh and restored Shah Reza Pahlevi to his throne. [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi] The key figure in Iran at the moment is Fazollah Zahedi, a 58-year-old general reported to be an ardent nationalist, devoted to his country and loyal to the Shah. [sic — General Fazlollah Zahedi] Zahedi is both anti-Russian and anti-British.

Mossadegh had been playing a wily game, giving the Communist Tudeh party freedom of action as long as it served his own purposes. There has been a great danger that it would be the Communists who would depose Mossadegh and take over the strategic nation once called Persia, a land rich in oil.

The Communists are good at timing but perhaps they waited too long in Iran. It is unlikely that Russia will move directly into the affairs of the country, depending rather on its stooges among the Iranian people.

If Zahedi can keep his nation out of the hands of the Communists it will be a benefit to the free world. For in Iran there exists a spark which might set off world conflict.

Eisenhower - Mossadegh Cables: Complete Exchange of Messages
The Eisenhower - Mossadegh Cables: Complete Exchange of Messages


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