Abadan, Aden and Italy

January 12, 1953 — The Cleveland Plain Dealer

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An editorial on Iran in The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper (Cleveland, Ohio).

Mossadegh On the Spot

The confidence of Premier Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran in his ability to sell oil has been shaken and pause has been given to those American petroleum interests which hoped to market the product confiscated from the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co., by the ruling of the Aden Supreme Court on the cargo of the impounded Italian tanker, Rose Mary.

Nine hundred tons of oil were in the hold of the Italian vessel under Honduras registry which endeavored last June to run the first shipment from Abadan to Italy for processing by a Swiss company. The ship put in at Aden and was immediately impounded.

The cargo, the court held, remains the property of the Anglo-Iranian company until adequate compensation is paid by the Iranian government for the shipment and stores taken over by the decree of nationalization.

This ruling should, as a matter of fact, expedite a settlement between Iran and Britain. But so irrational have been the moves of Iran’s dictatorial premier that an early adjustment should not be counted on.

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