Swap Acheson For a Bargain

November 3, 1951 — The Chicago Tribune (Letter)

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From the "Rimes and Remnants" column next to Mrs. Faye Rogers’ letter This Illinois woman clearly despised Secretary of State Dean Acheson.

Her caustic message, published in the “Voice of the People” letters section in 1951, also trashed President Harry Truman and his Military Aide, General Harry H. Vaughan (1893-1981). Presumably she was a Republican...

The Chicago Daily Tribune


Secretary of State Dean Acheson Effingham, Oct. 22—I suggest that we trade Acheson for Premier Mossadegh of Iran. We’d have to pay a large sum and might have to throw in Truman and Gen. Vaughan, but we’d still be getting the best of the bargain.

Mossadegh is able to do more with one word of English than Acheson, with his clipped British accent and thousands of words, can do. The little man from Iran can look the tottering British lion straight in its bleary eyes and say “No!”.


70th Anniversary of TIME’s 1951 Man of the Year

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