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July 10, 1953 — The Chicago Tribune (Letter)

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This letter criticizing President Dwight D. Eisenhower was published in the “Voice of the People” letters section of The Chicago Daily Tribune in the first year of his presidency.

The Chicago Daily Tribune


President Dwight D. Eisenhower Champain, June 30—By overplaying his hand in his latest tax and spend move, Ike showed just what kind of President he seeks to be—a ruthless dictator who demands that Congress do his bidding regardless of the Constitution, of principles, of time tested legislative procedures. Ike and his gang have pitched the excise tax battle not on the grounds of principle, but of political expediency and “loyalty to the President”. Ike considers opponents of his tax plan to be disloyal to him personally and his henchmen let opposing congressmen know they may expect reprisals in matters of patronage and administration pressures. Such tactics to get a tax bill — which even Ike admits is unfair and stifles initiative — do but further show the hypocrisy, the egoism, and the untrustworthiness of the man who professed such concern over so called “steamroller tactics” at the Chicago convention. This is the same gang who expect people to trust them not to sell out America in future Yalta’s which the Bricker amendment would block.


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