What Is This, Argentina?
October 5, 1951 — The Chicago Tribune (Letter)

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U.S. President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972)

The regime of Argentine dictator Juan Perón was known for its hostility to a free press and shameless propaganda. In a letter to The Chicago Tribune, a woman likened Truman, then under fire for his press censorship demands, to Perón and the Soviets.

Harry Truman editorial archive

The Chicago Daily Tribune


Chicago, Oct. 2—Did Harry Truman ever read the first amendment? If so, he mustn’t have been wearing his spectacles at the time. It guarantees freedom of information, something Truman would like to do away with via a Washington replica of the “iron curtain.” We have laughed at Truman, the blunderer, but we cannot laugh any longer. He is as much a threat to this country right now as was Peron to a free Argentina.


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