A Mouse Tale

October 25, 1951 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

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Editorial in The Buffalo Courier-Express (New York), featuring a rodent.


Following so closely on the appearance of Dr. Mossadegh at the Security Council, the presence of a gray mouse at the U.N. building in New York commands attention. That the mouse had laid his plans as well as the Iranian premier seems doubtful, unless by some stretch of the imagination he may be conceived to have come there to prove something, possibly to the effect that the U.N. had brought forth a mouse.

At least, he appears to have given the lie to the office of Secretary General Trygve Lie, on record as insisting that there were no mice in the glass-and-marble skyscraper. Speculation on how the mouse got in would only open new areas of disagreement. Critics of the U.N. might hazard the rude opinion that the little creature had a fellow feeling for various delegates frequently bemused as to whether they were men or mice.

Anyhow it would be out of order to cast any allusive reflection on the U.N. skyscraper insofar as the world appears to have beaten a path to its door. While the present whereabouts of the mouse is conjectural, there have been scurrilous reports to the effect that Dr. Mossadegh went to Washington to put the bite on President Truman. [The Premier met with the U.S. President Oct. 23rd]

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