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August 3, 1952 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

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Editorial in a Buffalo, New York newspaper, based on erroneous information about a second U.S. trip for Mossadegh (it never happened) and the fabrication of widespread “anti-Americanism” in Iran.

No Lack of Nerve in
Mossadegh Bid for U.S. Loan

One thing of which old Premier Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran is not likely to be accused is lack of nerve. From a country where exhortations to throw out the Americans draw plenty of applause he is reported coming to the United States for money for near-bankrupt Iran. At least the United States Lines says he is sailing from Le Havre on September 2d [sic — 2nd] and money is the thing he needs most.

No lack of nerve is involved in any Mossadegh request for an American loan in view of the fact that Iran would have plenty of money of her own if the Premier himself had not cut off his nose to spite his face by nationalizing Iran’s oil resources, throwing out the British oil production experts and having nobody to take their place and nobody to buy the oil if he could produce it. It takes plenty of brass to ask this country to bail him out after that.

But old Mossadegh has come through some pretty tough spots before now and may be confident of getting through this one. He undoubtedly has in mind that the United States wants the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute settled, Iranian oil once more flowing to the West, and Iran kept out of the grasp of Soviet Russia. But the Iranian Premier had better be prepared to make some substantial and ironclad concessions or he is likely to leave the United States with nothing more than additional fuel for his Nationalist fanatics’ anti-Americanism.


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