July 31, 1952 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

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Yet another pessimistic editorial in The Buffalo Courier-Express — Thursday, July 31, 1952. The historic Buffalo, New York newspaper closed down for good in 1982.

Intent on Evicting West,
Iran Virtually Asks Russia In

Irrationality seems to be the keynote of the Iranian government in which emotional old Mohammed Mossadegh again holds administrative power. Itís hard to read sense into a policy which under the guise of nationalism is dedicated to the elimination of foreign, or at least Western, interests no matter how detrimental such a course may be.

But that has been Premier Mossadeghís stock in trade right along. He is an apostle of bankruptcy. He has brought Iran to a condition of financial ruin by throwing out the British oil interests and nationalizing Iranís vast oil resources although Iran lacks the ability to produce and sell its own oil.

A brief gleam of hope appeared when Dr. Mossadegh resigned and Ahmed Qavam [Ahmad Ghavam] took over as premier with the announced intention of settling the oil dispute and solving Iranís financial problems. It was extinguished abruptly when an unholy combination of National Front and Communist mobs forced Qavam to quit.

With Mossadegh back in the saddle, the National Fronters and their Communist allies continue to hold the upper hand. And itís rapidly becoming a fist brandished in the direction of the United States.

The United States maintains military and economic missions in Iran and has assigned $23,000,000 in Point Four aid to Iranís backward industry and agriculture. All this is not welcome, at any rate to the Nationalists and Communists. They now are agitating for the withdrawal of all American influence. And, judging by the noise they are making, they are likely to succeed.

Iran then will be left to stew in her own juice. But for how long? The Communists are well aware of it but the Nationalists seem to be ignoring the fact that Iranís neighbor to the north is Soviet Russia, which has more than a little interest in what becomes of Iranian oil.

With all Western interests withdrawn, the Russians would be in a position to move in, influentially if not actually. Communist control of Iran is no impossibility. If that happens, Premier Mossadegh and the Nationalists, who say they donít want it, will have done all they could to bring it on. Thatís how irrational they are.


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