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October 5, 1951 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

The Mossadegh Project | June 13, 2017                    

The Buffalo Courier-Express was confident that Premier Mossadegh’s UN appearance would be “quite a show”. They guessed wrong.


In a way, it’s too bad that the World Series is expected to run into next week. It will take up television time that otherwise might give viewers a peek at a different show which promises to pack a particularly emotional punch.

That, of course, would be the appearance of Premier Mohammed Mossadegh before the United Nations Security Council to plead Iran’s case in the big oil dispute with Great Britain.

Premier Mossadegh has a reputation to uphold as an emotionalist. He weeps at the slightest provocation. He sobbed when he told the Iranian Parliament that Britain had no right to bring up the oil dispute before the Security Council. He was equally in tears when he refused to accept any ruling of the International Court of Justice on the subject. He probably is deeply distressed at the prospect of flying to New York to present arguments in a matter he holds to be nobody’s business but his own.

It ought to be quite a show. Malik was good, but Mossadegh bids fair to be better. [Russian UN Ambassador Jacob Malik] If the Giants can manage to emulate the Boston Braves of 1914, they may clear the way for a new TV star of great magnitude. [The Yankees beat the Giants 4-2]


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