Who’s He Kidding
April 13, 1954 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

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Another pithy editorial from The Buffalo Courier-Express newspaper in Buffalo, New York.

Dr. Mossadegh’s ‘Fast unto Death’
Turns into Feast

Apparently former Premier Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran wasn’t kidding anybody when he announced last Saturday he would “fast unto death” because the newspapers weren’t printing in full his 600-page appeal from a three-year treason sentence and because the court wasn’t letting in enough spectators to suit him. He certainly wasn’t kidding himself.

Now we learn from Dr. Mossadegh’s prosecutor, Brig. Gen. Hossein Azemodeh, that the old man’s version of a “fast unto death” consisted of sneaking cookies, chocolate bars and vitamin pills in his cell when he thought nobody was looking. [Hossein Azemoudeh] That wasn’t enough, however, and the “fast unto death” ended abruptly when Dr. Mossadegh allowed himself to be “persuaded” by his son and other supporters to down a huge meal of boiled chicken, rice and vegetables.

“I knew he’d eat,” said Gen. Azemodeh. “When I say I know this guy, I mean I really know him.”

Presumably a lot of other people, Iranians and foreigners who have had dealings with him, also know him—on the basis of once a faker, always a faker.

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