Persian Squabbles
December 30, 1952 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

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Editorial in The Buffalo Courier-Express (Buffalo, New York) newspaper — Tuesday, December 30, 1952.

Iranians Canít Even Agree
Among Themselves on Oil

Thereís nothing new about the fact that Iran has been having trouble over its oil. Premier Mohammed Mossadegh has had a chip on his shoulder against the British, the Americans and any other foreigners who might help Iran get the revenue it should from its vast oil resources.

But Iranís oil troubles now are internal as well as external. The Iranians canít get along among themselves on the oil question. All four legislative members of the supreme council of Iranís nationalized oil company have resigned. One of them, Hussein Makki, [Hossein Makki] secretary-general of Premier Mossadeghís Nationalist party, quit on the ground that Dr. Reza Falah, [British-trained oil expert Reza Fallah] appointed as director of the big Abadan refinery, is ďa servant of the British.Ē Three others walked out on the reported contention that Mr. Makki had refused to recognize a majority vote of the council.

The ironic part of the thing is that impartial observers describe Dr. Falah as the only Iranian technician capable of handling the refinery job.

If the Iranians canít handle their oil problems themselves and wonít let anybody else do it, theyíre indeed in a bad way. It almost seems as if thatís the way they like it.

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