A Contentious Majles
April 18, 1952 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

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This Iran editorial ran in “Buffalo’s Best Newspaper” on Friday, April 18, 1952. Though the anti-Mossadegh trend they prophecized never quite panned out, their hope for his overthrow certainly did...

Iranian Elections Show Growing
Opposition To Mossadegh

Iran has a peculiar system of electing members of the Majlis, or lower house of parliament. It’s done piecemeal. Elections began in December and are still going on. It may be a good thing. At least it gives the people a chance to catch up on current events while the voting continues.

One result of the elections to date is a reported secret meeting of new Majlis members at which they attacked the government of Premier Mohammed Mossadegh on grounds of unsound political planning.

If the meeting report is correct, the new Majlis members could hardly be on firmer ground. They are facing up to the fact that it was under Premier Mossadegh’s stubborn oil nationalization policy that Iran’s chief resource was allowed to become dormant, with the effect of reducing the country virtually to bankruptcy. There isn’t even enough money in the Iranian treasury to pay the army and government officials.

The election to the Majlis of members opposed to the Mossadegh form of economic suicide shows that the people are aware of what is going on and don’t like it. If this sort of opposition continues to grow, some hope will be raised for the overthrow of the Mossadegh regime and its replacement by a government capable of injecting some common-sense ideas into Iranian affairs with the object of getting the country back on its financial feet.

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