"Iran Premier's Stubbornness Brings Crisis"
September 12, 1951 — The Brooklyn Eagle

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The Brooklyn Eagle (aka The Brooklyn Daily Eagle) editorial — Wednesday September 12, 1951.

Iran Premier's Stubbornness Brings Crisis

Premier Mossadegh of Iran is learning that he was excessively rash in carrying to the bitter end his fight with Britain on the nationalization of his country's oil industry. Somewhere along the line he should have stopped, appraised the advantages gained in the negotiations and made a settlement. Instead, he has tried for a complete and crushing victory, with painful consequences.

Britain has begun to strike back. Economic sanctions, the blocking of Iran's sterling balance in Britain, banning of the export of essential raw materials and manufactures, and withdrawal of special economic facilities are being felt seriously in Iran. In fact, Iran's troubles are only beginning. Premier Mossadegh is now face to face with the hard fact that his country cannot process and market its petroleum without British help. His government is being pounded on the rocks.

Although Premier Mossadegh has served an ultimatum on the British that they must either resume negotiations within two weeks or have their technicians ordered out of the country, actually the next move is up to the premier. It would seem as if he would have to back down.

His parliament, sensing the imminence of disaster, is reluctant to give the vote of confidence he seeks. Ardor for nationalism is less intense; the British have made all the concessions that can reasonably be expected of them. Their only course now is to prepare to defend the Abadan refinery if necessary and to hope that Mossadegh will realize that the chips are down and that the grim facts must be faced.

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