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August 24, 1951 — The Brooklyn Eagle

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Editorial on Iran in The Brooklyn Eagle newspaper (Brooklyn, New York).

Iran’s Folly in Oil Row Leaves It Fertile Field for Red Exploitation

Iran is left a fertile field for Communist exploitation by the folly of Premier Mohammed Mossadegh, whose intransigence has ended in collapse of the oil negotiations. It may be that the prospect is not as bleak as it now seems, that reason finally will prevail. But the situation as it is left by the departure of Richard Stokes, British negotiator, and Presidential adviser Harriman holds the threat of deep disaster. [Averell Harriman]

Premier Mossadegh has played what he believed to be a sharp game of politics. Responsive to the strong nationalistic movement in Iran, he has gone the whole way in meeting the demands of the more radical of its leaders. Unfortunately for his government, for the people of Iran and for the integrity of his country, he has gone too far.

An impoverished land under the best of circumstances, Iran is now left wholly bereft of economic sustenance. The nation subsists upon the revenues from an industry now left idle by the withdrawal of British managers and technicians, an eventuality which could have been prevented by the acceptance of compromise proposals which were practical and fair.

Instead, Premier Mossadegh remained adamant to the last, notwithstanding statements by parliamentary leaders that the vote of confidence he was given carried with it at least an implicit mandate to continue negotiations.

The situation as it now exists in Iran is made to order for Moscow. It contributes to the misery of the people, strengthens the position of formidable Communist elements and places the regime of Mossadegh on the brink of collapse.

Soviet Russia may offer to operate the Iranian oil industry in place of the British, and if the offer is rejected it may force its services on the desperate Iranians. Its terms will not provide for the 50-50 division of profits proposed by the British. The industry will become a Soviet enterprise and Iran a Soviet satellite, with deeper poverty, misery and oppression for its people.

The full burden of the disaster will not be borne entirely by Iran. Oil is one of Russia’s great needs in the working out of its scheme of imperialistic expansion and conquest. Control of Iran will make the Soviet threat more menacing and its military power greater.

Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954
Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 


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