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July 20, 1954 — The Brooklyn Eagle

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A pro-Shah newspaper editorial based on a New York Times cable Red Envoy Really Red As Iran Nixes Protest.

Iran’s Courage in Face of Russian Protest

It is rather difficult for the free nations to become accustomed to the new spirit in the government of Iran. A great change has taken place since the unpredictable Premier Mossadegh dominated the scene, with ruinous effects upon the nation’s economy and a steady drift toward alliance with a menacing neighbor, Soviet Russia.

The new spirit is one of wisdom and courage. Moscow would like to chart the destiny of Iran, as it succeeded in doing to a large extent when Mossadegh was playing its game in Teheran. Looking covetously upon Iran’s rich possessions of oil, which might be needed urgently some day, Moscow viewed with resentment and anxiety any overtures of friendship with other nations or even an attitude of national independence.

A proposed pact of friendship with Turkey and Pakistan accordingly inspired the effrontery of a Soviet note of protest. Iran’s reply is one to hearten its own people and free people everywhere.

It is a stern and unequivocal notice to Moscow that Iran is prepared to join regional military pacts if they serve to safeguard her “independence and territorial integrity.” Iran desires to have cordial relations with its neighbors, Foreign Minister Entezam has informed Moscow, “but if our neighbors choose not to respond to our honest approach and good will, we shall have to adopt a suitable line of action.” [Abdollah Entezam to Soviet Ambassador Anatoli Lavrientiev]

The spirit of this reply commands admiration. Iran, after all, is small and virtually helpless. Russia is powerful and ruthless. Teheran has accordingly given an inspiring example of courage.

Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954
Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 


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