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The Boston Globe (Letter) — October 18, 1951

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A letter to the editor of The Boston Globe during Premier Mohammad Mossadegh’s stay in the United States and U.N. appearance.

What People Talk About
October 18, 1951

Iranian Oil Crisis Closely Linked to Europe’s War Materials Scramble

To the Editor:

The Iranian oil crisis, which has brought turmoil to the past few months, will have a greater effect on the Allied countries than was first expected. On the surface of this struggle, it would seem that all we would stand to lose would be its valuable oil. But there is more to the crisis than just the loss of the oil. The economy in England is being disrupted because England was to reap over $350,000,000 from this project, as it had done in previous years.

England’s deficit will be raised by that same amount and they will be confronted with a new dollar crisis. England’s economic stability will then be impaired because they will then have to appropriate that amount from their treasury to meet their defense requirements for Europe. The English people will certainly suffer. The scramble for war materials by European nations has raised the prices on war materials beyond the price improvement in British export goods. The Iranian oil situation certainly must be resolved in order to hasten the rearming of Western Europe.

The United Nations should act on it as soon as possible to bring about a fair decision to both England and Iran.


“If I sit silently, I have sinned”: A guiding principle
The untold story behind Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh's famous quote “If I sit silently, I have sinned”


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