Behind the Green Door
October 17, 1951 — The Billings Gazette

The Mossadegh Project | November 26, 2020                 

A typical red-scare editorial in The Billings Gazette newspaper in Billings, Montana.

May Be Red Inspired

Riots in Iran and Egypt by so-called “nationalists” easily lend themselves to the suspicion that they are at least partly inspired by communist agitators.

Experience here and in many other sections of the globe tells us how easy it is for a few skilled red disturbers to foment disturbances of that sort. The stage is already set for their incitements in those countries where the people and their governments have long been under complete or partial domination by foreign powers.

The great majority of those people have no way of knowing what really lies behind these uprisings inspired, by meaningless slogans and angry demonstrations against their so-called alien masters. They cannot know that they are merely being driven into the arms of a still more brutal tyranny.


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