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Israel, Iran, U.S. = "Most Negative" Countries
IRNA Spins BBC Poll Into State Propaganda

by Arash Norouzi
The Mossadegh Project
| March 5, 2007                  

Israel, Iran, America- BBC poll Israel. Iran. USA. According to the results of a newly released BBC poll, those are the three most negatively perceived countries in the world, in that order. (North Korea was fourth).

For the Islamic Republic News Agency [IRNA], the bad PR about Iran's arch-enemies must have seemed like pure gold. The only catch is that in order to capitalize on it, they would also have to mention that Iran itself closely follows as the 2nd most negative country in the list, right? Nah... They simply omitted Iran from the results. "The poll", reported IRNA, "...showed Israel was followed closely by the US and North Korea".

Israel, US most negative influence on world: poll
Tehran, March 5, IRNA

Israel is perceived as having the most negative influence on the world, according to a poll conducted by BBC World Service radio.

The poll, to be released Tuesday, showed Israel was followed closely by the US and North Korea.

The radio survey of 28,000 people in 27 countries indicated that the country with the highest negative response was Israel with 56 percent negative.

The United States was seen as negative by 51 percent, followed by North Korea, perceived as negative by 48 percent of those asked against 19 percent positive.

Respondents were given a list of 12 countries and asked if they had a 'mostly positive or mostly negative influence in the world'.

The survey was carried out for the BBC World Service by the Maryland researchers and the international polling firm GlobeScan.

Over the three years the BBC has been tracking opinions about countries' influence in the world, most ratings have remained relatively stable.

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