Ayatollah Ali Khamenei —
Nuclear Issue a Pretext For Bullying, Says Supreme Leader

The Mossadegh Project
| May 21, 2007         

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei In 2007, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting [IRIB] website released this undated speech from Supreme Leader Khamenei. It remains possibly the most thorough statement on the regime's position vis-a-vis its nuclear program and standoff with the West.
Propaganda Tricks of the West Against Iran's Nuclear Issue

Point no. 1: The Westerners' first propaganda trick (especially the US) against Iran's nuclear issues is using the phrase Nuclear Weapons.

Before I explain about the nuclear issue, I should first correctly elaborate on this propaganda trick by the westerners, especially Americans. In their propaganda the Americans said this in the beginning too, and now one unfortunately sees that some Europeans repeat it too and when they want to express their opinion about the nuclear issue they say, we are opposed to Iran's nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons are a grave danger. This is while Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons while they are opposed to nuclear weapons. This is a trick for deceiving their own public opinion. The discussion of nuclear weapons is not in Iran. Our officials have said it, the people have accepted it, governments have said it, and I have repeatedly said we are not after nuclear weapons. The uranium that Iran is enriching in the fuel cycle is 3-4 %. For making an atomic weapon or bomb it should be enriched 90 something percent. The great gap is clearly evident. We want to enrich the uranium that is ours, the mines that are ours, with the equipment that is ours and we have not borrowed from any one, our own children and youth have carried out this project, we want to enrich this uranium to 3-4% to be able to give the fuel to our Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, which is half completed.

Point no. 2: The Westerners' 2nd propaganda trick (especially the US) against Iran's nuclear issues is using the phrase World Unanimity against Iran.

The 2nd propaganda trick is that the Europeans say and it is written in their press that there is world unanimity against Iran. No there is no such thing. There is no world unanimity. In Europe itself there are governments that are opposed to the method of extortion. We tell them that they exist. World unanimity is against atomic weapons, the center of which is the US and the most dangerous of which is the Zionist regime and some European governments. World unanimity is against this, otherwise all countries that wish to have such an independent technology support us. Their governments and nations support us. Which world unanimity? This is a lie. Even if there were world unanimity the nation would not give up its right but such a thing does not exist and they should know that God willing in a not too distant future our nation and youth will build a nuclear power plant themselves.

Iran's policy in the nuclear issue is the policy of negotiations, understanding and reinforcing trust.

Up to this point we have not breached any international pact or any bilateral or multilateral agreement, we have gone forward very calmly and logically, but we have said since the beginning and we repeat that the Iranian nation does not accept imposition, bullying and extortion from any one. Our policy is based on negotiations, understanding and reinforcing trust but trust should be reinforced by both sides. These 3 European countries say you should create trust, meaning you should do something for us to trust you. And I say to them you should do something for us to trust you, when you do something that leads to lack of trust, confidence building is necessary on that side if it is necessary on this side.

The will of the westerners is to make the Iranian nation dependent. The main discussion is over fuel, we want to produce the fuel of our nuclear power plant ourselves. They say don't produce it yourself, come and purchase it from us, what does this mean? It means that we stay dependent; that the Iranian nation remains dependent on nuclear fuel producing powers. If once they decide not to give us fuel, if they place conditions our nation and government will be forced to raise their hands and say we have no choice, our fuel our electricity depends on them it must come from that side otherwise our power plant will not work. They want this and want our nation to remain dependent. For us the nuclear issue is a scientific and economic issue, if we continue our path regarding the nuclear issue, in which thank God we have up to now been successful, and if we reach the end, this will be a scientific advance for the country. Iranian youth in the field of their expertise have proven their talent and scientific power. This is very valuable for us. It is also economical from the scientific and economical viewpoints. They say use the oil you have. Fossil fuels are non-renewable and ending resources. It is like as if you want to plant herbs in your garden or produce fruit and sell it to run your life and someone says no you should go and sell the things you have in your house that old remembrance you have, that historic gem, sell them and eat of it, sell the carpet underneath your feet and eat of it. That's what it means. We want our non renewable resources to be left for future generations, not that within 25 years we would not have any oil left and be forced to purchase our oil from the US or US elements. We want to have a replacement for oil and that is nuclear energy. They say no you should not have it. Use your oil. And if you want to have nuclear power plants you should purchase its fuel from us. This is bullying and its first bully is the US.

The Europeans should not speak in an expectant tone. Today we are not in the 19th century, the Iranian nation is not the nation that once was when a US and British puppet regime ruled here and had to accept whatever they said. No, today the Islamic Republic System depends on 70 million people. Today the Iranian nation and government and officials feel a sense of power like a mountain. We are not scared of anyone, we have the necessary power to defend our right and we will not overlook our rights and no one is allowed to make deals on the rights of our nation.

Point no. 3: - Iran's nuclear issue is a national and collective issue.

Fortunately in our country the nuclear issue is not a factional or group issue. It is a national and collective one and everyone believes in it.

Point no. 4: - The Europeans should also think more on the dimensions of this issue and not be influenced by the US and Zionist regime.

They should know that the US and the Zionist regime want no good for them and no good for us. The US wants to monopolize. It wants everyone to follow it. The Europeans should be wise enough not surrender to the US. We are thinking of carrying out a scientific task, an economic task, a task based on national interests. Our nation wants this too and we are resisting. It is obvious that the Americans' nuclear ballyhoo against Iran stems from their rancor toward the Islamic revolution. Regarding this controversial issue that the enemies, especially the most malicious of them, the US, have brought up against Iran, it comes as a pretext to pressure Iran. This scandal stems from the US rancor toward the Islamic Revolution because it cut the US hands off Iran and now they want to compensate for it. This marks the End Part One of the Book.

Point no. 5:  Those who falsely claim to support human rights violate human rights throughout the world

Those whose enmity and treachery toward human kind is brighter than the day accuse the Islamic republic of violating human rights and appear on the scene as supporters of human rights. The scandalized America whose prisons throughout the world, from Iraq to Afghanistan and other places, among them Abu Ghraib are the manifestation of catastrophe and antagonism with human rights and full brutality, today wants to rule the world. For today's human generation there is no greater deviation and failure than this that such people who are savage and blood thirsty like wolves should claim to support human rights. At the same time they have opened their mouths and begun to make baseless remarks against the Islamic republic.

Point no. 6: The goal of the Americans and their servants in the country is to deprive Iran from nuclear technology

Of course, the enemies carry out two tasks at the same time, on one hand they say baseless things like Iran is making an atomic bomb, Iran is a short distance away from the atom and if it decides it can attain nuclear weapons in a few months, and on the other hand they pretend that this is useless, you should not go after nuclear technology. Their servants and mercenaries inside the country also follow up these tasks, the same mercenaries who have always existed in our country and for this, they have put their writings and themselves at the service of what the Iranian nations' enemy pursues. With humiliation and flattery and with different languages they say that going after nuclear technology is no use.

Point no. 7: The Iranian nation relies on the system of popular rule and does not need nuclear weapons

But the truth is something else and there is a wide difference between nuclear technology and nuclear weapons. To reach nuclear weapons, uranium must be enriched more than 90% with a complicated technology and it needs someone who has the incentive to go after this. We do not have the incentive, we have not gone after it and we will not go after it. We do not need an atomic bomb and if today we have overcome the enemy it has not been with the atomic bomb. The Iranian nation has defeated the US for 50 years without the atomic bomb; rather it has been through our will, faith, awareness and unity. The Iranian nation has come to know what it wants, it knows the path and it has moved along it and is not scared of threats by this or that. That is why it has overcome the enemy not with the atomic bomb. Victory or defeat on the world's basic scenes does not depend on this. Today we are the model of popular rule, independence and national dignity for the Islamic world and the Islamic world has become mobilized against the US. The slogan of down with America chanted by the Iranian nation is being repeated today by all nations, thus we have not gone forward with the atomic bomb and victory on huge historic scenes is not obtained via nuclear weapons. Today the Zionist entity with more than 300 nuclear warheads is incapable in the face of the Palestinians. The Palestinians do not have guns; they have stones together with the support of will and faith. Our issue is not the issue of the atomic bomb. First of all, what do we need an atomic bomb for? Secondly, by using the atomic bomb it is not only the enemy that is killed, the other side too is killed and this is contrary to our belief and science. Attaining the atomic bomb that kills both the bad and the good is not the work of the Islamic system. But we are after nuclear technology and that is another issue. The only common thing between nuclear weapons and nuclear technology, which we pursue, is uranium. 90% enriched uranium is for the complex industry of nuclear weapons but 3-4% enriched uranium is for the fuel of nuclear power plants and today we have the Bushehr nuclear power plant. But look at the distance between 3-4 % and 90%.

Point no. 8: The Iranian nation intends to produce nuclear fuel and reach independence in this field

What we are after is freedom to carry out our technological needs based on international law and there is no problem with it. All countries can produce 3-4% enriched uranium. Of course, there is an international pact too which we have accepted. If we do not have nuclear technology, tomorrow when the Bushehr Power Plant is constructed we will have to knock on other people' s doors and if one day for political, international or bilateral reasons they do not give us fuel we will no longer have a power plant. Thus they want you to have a heater but for the heater's fuel to be in their hands, that is they want to increase dependence by creating nuclear reactors.

Point no. 9: The main reasons for the US and Europe's concerns and ballyhoo about Iran

The first point in the US concern and reason for its ballyhoo against Iran is that it sees Iran has built a nuclear power plant and produces its fuel itself. If they had the oil and we needed it they would sell each bottle at an extremely high price, not as cheap as 20-30 dollars a barrel. But today we own the oil which if they owned they would be very happy that we were the consumers and they the producers, and they want to create the same equation in the case of nuclear fuel, that is to make us need them to provide our power plants' fuel.

Point no. 10: European and US concern and ballyhoo against Iran is because nuclear technology has become native in Iran

Another point of US concern is that nuclear science has grown in Iran, meaning it has become native , not that we have invented the machine but meaning that we have not knocked on their door to learn it and our own young experts have put this big machine into operation and reached results. They nurtured science among themselves and created technology. This is contrary to global arrogance's philosophy that wants countries to be under its domination and not have independence in science and technology and to need it. The Americans know that if today Iran is able to stand on the peak of this technology its righteous idea in the world, that is, the independence of the Islamic ummah will become the idea of Islamic nations and will draw the attention of minds. Thus they launch ballyhoo. The country's officials among them the president, the nuclear project officials and the foreign ministry have said the right thing and responded to the baseless remarks and expansionism of others. But I want this to be clear for the Iranian nation. The Iranian nation does not want to accept a double oppression. The Americans and Europeans voice concern that Iran might in this way attain nuclear weapons. If the Europeans or others really are saying the truth and are concerned about nuclear weapons we tell them not to be concerned; we are not after this. But if they are worried that the Iranian nation has this excelling technology, and has made it native and say that we must stop it they should know that the Iranian nation will not accept this. What today Iran's researchers, scientists and government are carrying out in the nuclear field is a big task to prevent dependence on foreigners and is in line with national independence. Those who make baseless claims should not try to spread talk about why Iran pursues nuclear technology. Nuclear technology is Iran's requirement. Today the world's advanced countries produce most of their electricity in their nuclear power plants.

Not from oil which produces smoke and will be finished and can also be turned into more precious things than fuel. Thus they want to deprive countries that have oil of this blessing; they say what do you want nuclear energy for. Must the oil of all countries finish and for us to extend our hand of need to you? We must say to them is the fate of other nations in your hands? Thus we must move toward nuclear technology and producing nuclear electricity, this is our country's need otherwise we will remain a century behind. Thus our national duty is to pursue nuclear energy and when we pursue this it must become native, for if it doesn't then we will still be dependent. Thus we must resist all pressures to make it native. Those who without knowing speak about nuclear energy becoming native do not understand that they are committing treason toward their nation. They are saying the same thing the US wants. Our national duty is to go after nuclear technology and similar technologies today. Something that would bring us close to the peak of the mountain Pursuing this is compulsory and for those who work in this field it is their duty to take our nation toward dignity and save them from this dependence.

Point no. 11: The Iranian nation has attained nuclear technology without the help of others

We have attained nuclear technology by ourselves, no matter if the enemies become blind of jealousy. We were a member of the IAEA and had signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and according to its regulations others should have helped us. But the US and the Zionist circles discourage the world from helping us. Our youth, intellectuals and brilliant talents were able to gradually attain this technology within a number of years without anyone's help.

Nuclear technology is different from making the atomic bomb.

Nuclear technology is different from making the atomic bomb. Nuclear technology is considered scientific growth in a field that has many characteristics. Those who manufacture the atomic bomb divert this energy to make it. We do not want to build the atomic bomb and we are even opposed to having chemical weapons. Even when Iraq attacked us with chemical weapons, we did not try to make such weapons. These issues are contrary to our principles.

Point no. 12: Iran's nuclear technology is a national achievement

They say why should the Iranian nation use nuclear energy. The question is: Why should it not? The Iranian nation has not borrowed nuclear energy from you nor did it beg you for it. Our youth, scientists and brilliant talents were able to gain it. This is a national achievement. Their spokesmen say we are waiting to see the results of Iran's elections, then we will decide about the issue of peaceful nuclear technology in Iran. What do Iran's elections have to do with you? Elections belong to the Iranian nation. Whoever comes to power in these elections and becomes the people's president will not want nor will the nation allow him to take any step against their interests. The Islamic Revolution and the Islamic System have awakened the people. They have made the people acquainted with their national rights. They have unchained their talents so they can reach a high status.

Point no. 13: If matters take a turn for the worst, we ourselves will put on combat fatigue and get ready for sacrifice

Their threat is not limited to nuclear issues. My advice to the officials and nation is to ignore the enemies' threats in order to continue on their chosen path and do their work. Of course, related officials should be aware. I should also say this: we are not warmongers like the US statesmen. They are warmongers and pursue war, but when it comes to the nations' dignity and the country's interests we will offer sacrifices. We do not consider sacrifice to be exclusive to the people. After the September 11 events of 2001 in the US when the twin towers in New York were suspiciously attacked there was no sign of the US president and senior officials for two or three days. They were lost! But we are not like that. If God forbid, a bitter experience and test emerges for the nation we ourselves will put on combat fatigues and get ready for sacrifice.

Point no. 14: National solidarity is the most important weapon of the Iranian nation in the face of the enemy's threat

National solidarity is the most important weapon of the Iranian nation in the face of the enemy's threat. The Iranian nation does not need atomic weapons and bombs to nullify the enemies' threats. Our people's unity and clinging to the string of God and to divine faith is the most important weapon of the Iranian nation. This is a weapon that during the 27 years since the victory of the Islamic Revolution has shown its efficiency and will show it after this too. The negotiators and agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran are pursuing this, they are holding talks and working, they are following up the same red lines that the country's officials have mentioned in their open remarks, but what should seriously be told to the negotiating sides is that they should not think of trying to make the Iranian nation believe through incorrect and illogical remarks that they do not believe in logic. If the Iranian nation reaches the result that the other side is not committed to logic they will leave the talks, for someone who does not pursue logic how can he hold talks and be called progressive? In the past year we have shown that we pursue logic. They said we want you to be transparent we said alright, they are international regulations. IAEA inspectors can come and inspect so their concerns would be removed.

The Islamic Republic system has placed logic as the criterion for its work. Whenever it accepted anything it was with logic and whenever it rejected something it was with logic. Whenever they bullied us it showed their lack of logic. They do not have logic. They say you must suspend uranium enrichment for a long time. Why? What's' the relationship between transparency and suspending uranium enrichment? They have no relationship. But can they with their baseless remarks and remarks that belong to the colonial era, deprive nations of their rights and demands, especially a nation like Iran that is fully aware and alive? The negotiating sides should know that the Iranian nation is alive. And a living individual is logical, it moves, it thinks, it interacts, it defends and it punches when necessary. What we are saying in this regard is that the Islamic Republic will not accept moving without logic. The great Iranian nation, and if a threat is brought up in any way in the talks, it indicates lack of logic. If there is logic there will be no threat, if there is a threat it indicates lack of logic and lack of logic will prevent us from the principle of talks and continuing talks with the related sides, the IAEA and others.

Point no. 15: Nuclear challenge, a pretext for confronting countries

Today the policy of Global Arrogance is going after Islamic countries. One after another each of the Islamic states that shows weakness will be gobbled up. Their intention is destroy. They bring up allegations of violation of human rights. They politicize issues like nuclear ones. If today they are challenging Iran over the issue of nuclear technology tomorrow they can find the same pretext and similar ones in all Islamic countries. But the Iranian nation is resisting. We have a lively nation. We thank God. We do not claim we have succeeded in acting completely according to Islam. That is a very big claim. But the one step we have taken toward Islam, Islam has given us power. Islam has given our nation hope; it has brought our hearts closer to one another, and created hope and resistance in them. It has revived self-dignity in them. Our nation is not willing to become humiliated again. We must resist in the face of the enemy this way with these characteristics and by relying on these pillars.

Point no. 16: One of the enemies' main goals is to keep the Islamic system preoccupied

I believe that Europe and the US are not really that concerned as they pretend to be about the nuclear issue. They know themselves that we are not after nuclear weapons. We repeat constantly and insist; they say no and shake their head. This is while they know we are not after nuclear weapons. One of the enemies' main goals is to make the Islamic system busy. To make the directors, officials, parliament, government and managers of the executive, judicial and legislative sectors busy, and if this issue is solved, then another one will be brought up.

Point no. 17: Iran's attaining nuclear technology is difficult for Global Arrogance to accept

For Global Arrogance it is difficult to accept that Iran has been able to take big strides in line with science and technology with its will and innate capabilities, like nuclear energy and they want the country's energy to always be dependent on oil which is influenced by policies of world powers. Arrogance wants to keep nations in its clutches with an invisible string and the Iranian nation does not accept this.

Point no. 17: The Europeans cannot prevent Iran from gaining access to nuclear technology by wasting time

We trust those who are negotiating on behalf of Iran and support them. But the other side should know that they cannot prevent Iran from gaining access to nuclear technology by wasting time. Our officials have calculated and their calculations are correct and their follow up of this issue is beneficial and necessary for the country's material, political and scientific progress. This is among our national interests and the officials have come to understand this and strongly defend it.

Point no. 18: Europe should not act under influence of US and Zionist regime in nuclear talks

If the Europeans want to reach a true understanding with Islamic Iran in this field, they should not act under influence of US and Zionist regime in nuclear talks. The Iranian nation is a big and civilized nation and has proven that this and they cannot deal with Iran like a backward and colonized nation; such an insult will not be forgiven by the Iranian people. Some European countries still live with the memories of the 19th and early 20th centuries. They should know that the day the British came to the Persian Gulf and the British military commander ruled all regional countries including Iran from inside the ship, is over. They should know that the era when Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was in this country so the Americans and British could tell him through their ambassadors who to appoint minister and prime minister, who to oust and how to use oil is over. They should know that the Iranian nation had not yet awakened that day. They should know that today they are faced with a nation that is awake and has a firm will. The country's officials should also not feel any fear about the enemy's threats and they are part of the nation. The European negotiating sides should know with what country they are speaking. And everyone should know that if the country's officials feel there is no seriousness in the talks they will change the trend, and things will change.

Point no. 19: The enemy is angry about Iran's progresses and considers it a threat

The nuclear issue and in reality the nuclear ballyhoo that the opponents have begun in the world is illogical. The US incentive is clear. Whatever can lead the Iranian nation toward independence and national might is a cause of the enemy's wrath. In the system of dominance and centers of world domination they look at the world like bait and they want to own everything including financial resources, wealth and the labor market of the world. The system of domination is in reality a chain of governments and powers behind which are companies and financial and economic centers. Those who determine the policies of the day are these companies and financial and economic centers. For example when US companies want to attain wealth and oil resources in the Middle East or support the Zionist regime they plan the Iraq war. The planning of war goes back to the hidden political and economic goals that big powers have. With this situation, whatever move any country makes that would lead to its national independence; growth and development are to their detriment. The big powers are ready to give us the airplane industry, but the engineers must assemble the main piece and hand over the old part. They are ready to give nuclear power plants to the former regime but not to the Islamic republic, for the former tyrannical regime was their supporter. Iran's youth in the Islamic republic attained nuclear technology with their efforts and this is bitter for them that is why they confront us. When the Islamic republic system was formed the dominating powers understood that this system is a threat to their power-seeking goals. The threat of the Islamic system for dominating powers is not because of Iran, rather it is because of the new things being said that are attractive for the Islamic world and international politics.

First they said the Islamic Republic would not remain, for when a country does not have technology and is also under sanctions it will not last. For this reason at the beginning they said the Islamic Republic would not last more than 2-5 months and they imposed economic, scientific, technological sanctions on us and imposed war on us to bury the Islamic republic in all sorts of problems. Now after 27 years the Islamic Republic has risen from underneath these problems, it is dependent on itself, it is hopeful, it has progressed in the technological field and has gained the first place in the world in many sensitive fields.

Point no. 20: Iran's Amazing Scientific and Technical Progress

Countries that have mastered the nuclear fuel cycle are only 10 with the Islamic Republic being newest entry. In addition, the stem cells that our youth were able to produce, reproduce and freeze in laboratories and inject into the heart and bone marrow of patients have astounded world scientists. Iran is among the first 8 or 10 countries in this particular field. In the construction of dams Iran has achieved eye-catching progress. During the US-supported dictatorial regime of the pre-Islamic Revolution era, Iran had not more that 10 or 12 dams that were built by foreign technical assistance. But today, 27 years later, Iran has more than 70 dams that were designed and built by Iranian experts. Thanks to Iranian experts and their technological capabilities, the Islamic Republic is now among the top 6 countries in the world in the fields of dam-construction. In the field of defense industries, as well as in the area of expanding and strengthening the infrastructure, and developing of the Iranian culture, we have made amazing progress. However, despite these achievements, some want termites to eat away the cultural works.

Point no. 21: We do not want nuclear weapons; our nuclear weapons are our youth and our nation

We do not want nuclear weapons; our nuclear weapons are our youth and our nation. Whenever the heads of the judiciary, the executive and the legislature display their unanimity on this vital issue, the enemy in a fit of anger tears down its own garments. In the past years that the enemy has chanted the slogan of dual sovereignty or pluralism, and some simple and unsuspecting individuals inside the country have repeated it. What they mean by dual sovereignty is differences over the country's major issues. Fortunately, the Iranian nation is aware but it ought to be more vigilant for the enemy does not want political peace to reign in the country. The enemy wants to create tension in the universities, the bazaar, in the offices and among the workers.

Point no. 22: The US Accusation of Nuclear Weapons is a pretext. Actually the White House is worried about a Powerful, Advanced and Independent Iran

Today the threats and ballyhoo launched by US statesmen are related to the issue of nuclear energy and the lie that Iran is making nuclear weapons. Both the US president and the US officials have many times spoken about the danger of nuclear weapons that might be produced by Iran. They know well that their accusation of making nuclear weapons is a myth and there is no truth in it. This is not actually what they are worried about. Their real worry is the emergence of a powerful, advanced and independent Iran. They are opposed to Islamic Iran's progress. They know very well that we are not making nuclear weapons. They do not want this sensitive region that holds the world's major oil reserves and this country that is independent and lives in the light of Islam, to flourish and avail of modern technology and scientific progress.

Point no. 23: the US and the West Want a Totally Dependent Iran

The truth is that the West prefers that the countries of the Middle East region including Iran to always be dependent upon it. That is the reason they say: It is OK for you to have a nuclear power plant but you should purchase its fuel from us. A few years ago in one of my speeches in the holy city of Mashhad I said if the West and the Europeans had oil, which our country and the Middle East have today and if we had to buy this oil from them, they would have sold each barrel of oil more expensive than the dirt cheap price at which they purchase it today from the region. Moreover, they would not be willing to give us oil. They are concerned about everything that makes regional nations independent and keeps them on their own feet. They want this populated and oil rich region that has vast underground resources to be always in need them; thus they are opposed to technology. They are opposed to our youth becoming scientists; they are opposed to us having nuclear energy and if they could they would oppose our having oil resources. This is while in the past they took advantage of the inability of these countries' leaders and looted our oil. For many years Iran's oil was in the control of the British, they only gave a small amount of oil to the affiliated and incapable government of that time and took the rest of it for themselves. Then the Americans and others entered the scene and seized authority; that's what they want. They are concerned that a country like Iran can have a nuclear power plant and produce the fuel for this plant itself and not beg the Europeans and others; that is the issue.

Point no. 24: Nuclear Technology is Necessary for People's Life

Nuclear energy is a valuable technology and the product of advanced science and is necessary for people's life. Many of the power plants in developed countries are nuclear power plants. The production of electricity is one of the things nuclear energy does and this is a privilege for the country. They don't' want the Iranian nation to have this privilege, that is what the fight is about, but they are lying that they are afraid Iran might make an atomic bomb. They know that making an atomic bomb is not in our program. The Iranian nation should know, our youth should pay attention that what today is brought up in the Western especially US propaganda about nuclear energy is aimed at depriving the Iranian nation from this technological and scientific progress; this is our right, why should we be deprived? Yes it is the Iranian nation's right, it is science, it is technology, it is healthy for the environment, it has medical uses and it is a hope for progress for the country's youth. Thus undoubtedly our nation will not give it up.

Point no. 25: Destroying Nations with Atomic Bombs is what the Americans themselves do

US politicians, who lie and create division in order to hide their mischievous goals, accuse Iran of trying to make nuclear warheads, to put them on ballistic missiles. We do not act like this toward our enemies. Destroying nations with atomic bombs is what the Americans themselves do. The US is the only country that has up to now committed such a big crime. The Westerners are the ones that have made chemical weapons and used them, and during the 8-year war they imposed on us through Iraq, they put these lethal internationally banned weapons at the disposal of Saddam and his tyrannical Ba'th minority regime. Moreover, in reaction to the catastrophes that occurred as a result they maintained silence and helped Saddam secretly. Islam does not allow us to use weapons of mass destruction. We use science for progress; unlike the pretexts of the American administration. Today, by the Grace of God, the Iranian people and government have more power and grandeur on the international scene.

Point no. 26: Those Simple & Unsuspecting Persons in Iran Should Know that Bringing up the Nuclear Issue is Only a Pretext for Threats

Of course, I should also let the Iranian nation know that those who grumble and say why have you stuck to nuclear energy are speaking in favor of the enemy without proper knowing and awareness. They should also know that today bringing up the nuclear issue is merely a pretext that the Americans are seeking to threaten us. The superpower considers that its dignity depends on threats. Bullying and domineering powers advance their tasks with threats, and world nations and many governments unfortunately give in to such threats, thus making the bullies dominate their affairs. Threats and pressures are part of their nature, and today their pretext for threats against Iran is nuclear energy; if not this, they will find another pretext.

Point no. 27: the US is the Biggest Violator of Human Rights and Sponsor of Terrorism

The regimes in the West are the main sponsors of terrorism but they accuse Islamic Iran and Muslims of terrorism. US soldiers and security forces commit the worst crimes in occupied Iraq and the Abu Ghraib prison, and there are also many other instances. They also insult people. They trample on people's rights in Afghanistan and in their jails in Guantanamo, and then they accuse others of violating human rights.

Point no. 28: The Proposal for European and other Countries to take part in Iran's Project for Producing Nuclear Fuel is Logical

Our suggestion that European and other countries could take part in Iran's project to produce nuclear fuel is a logical proposal. They can come and become our partners, and they can come here and cooperate. The Iranian nation will not overlook its inalienable right on the nuclear issue. We will not overlook our inalienable right and that is clear, this is the nations' right and no one can overlook or give up this right. The people want it and it belongs to them. No one has lent it or leased it to them so they can take it back. By the Grace of God, these are the fruits of the efforts of our talented youths. Of course, this progress is not confined to the nuclear issue only. This progress, innovation and creativity are also seen in many other fields. The European and other countries can come and be our partners; there is no problem in that.

Point no. 29: Today Global Arrogance is in a State of Confusion about the Scientific and Technical power as well as the Independence of the Iranian Nation

The issues that are brought up in the world today are important for us. You see, today Global Arrogance is in a state of confusion about the scientific and technical power as well as the independence of the Iranian nation. The ballyhoo it has launched over Iran's nuclear issue is because of its confusion and bewilderment. The domineering powers do not want and do not like other nations to enjoy scientific and technological power in an independent manner and outside their control. Now that they see that a nation without depending on them has been able to achieve sophisticated scientific technology they are concerned. The US president and others deceitfully keep up their accusations that we are manufacturing nuclear weapons; this is to justify their own angry stance. Otherwise they know that here, the issue is not the atomic issue. It is the issue of a nation's independence. They also try to influence international circles and these circles one after the other lose their credibility due to this undue influence.

Point no. 30: The Westerners Drafted the NPT and Have Now Annulled its Validity

The westerners drafted the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and now they themselves have annulled its validity. Why must nations surrender to the will of people who are not satisfied with anything except imposing force and domination? They give no value to other nations or to science, morality and ethics at the human level.

Point no. 31: Iran's Latest Move and Decision is its Final Say

This is the message of the Iranian people and the Islamic Revolution to the Muslim and all other countries. The historical step taken by the Islamic Republic is final. For over the past two-and-a-half years the Islamic Republic system has closed all ways for bringing up pretexts, and wherever there was a suspicion it provided the means for removing that suspicion. Thus at the end they were forced to announce that the issue is not suspicion over the making of nuclear weapons; rather the issue is nuclear technology.

Point no. 32: The westerners' goals especially the US and Britain in the nuclear issue is to keep Iran dependent and backward

They want the Iranian nation not to have this technology, to remain backward and dependent so that the distance between dominating nations and others will never be reduced. It is clear that this is not even worth listening to by the Iranian nation. They cannot compare this nation with the time the US and British ambassadors to Tehran sat and talked with Mohammad Reza Shah and he had to listen to what they said. That time has passed.

Point no. 33: The President's Instructions to the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization were to Safeguard the Iranian Nation's Dignity and Grandeur

Today the Iranian nation is active on all scenes. Today the officials are manifestation of the people's will as they should be. If there are officials in power who cannot reflect the Iranian people's dignity and national power they are not the nations' representatives. The president's issuing of instructions to the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization was proportionate to the Iranian nation's dignity and grandeur. Fortunately what the officials have done during this period and today has depended on expert work and the far-sightedness of the elites in political, international and technical affairs. They know what they are doing, and they have acted correctly. Those who are waiting for the Iranian nation to show weakness should know that the Iranian people, who are firm footed on the path of their dignity, national power and independence will not show any weakness in the face of threats. Our 27-year experience, the experience of the Islamic Revolution, of the 8-year imposed war and other instances, all make us understand this reality, and remind us that this country's national resolve should not be underestimated. The most important tool used by Global Arrogance is speaking in a harsh tone and frowning. If Islamic governments, 3rd world governments and world nations realize the value of their latent power, this tool of Global Arrogance will become ineffective. The Iranian nation knows its true value.

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