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November 24, 1953 — The Associated Press

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Mossadegh, Angered Tries To Quit Court

Tehran, Iran, Nov. 23 (AP) — Former Premier Mohammed Mossadegh tried twice today to walk out of his courtmartial to protest attacks on his religious faith by the chief prosecutor.

Shouting, “I will not stay in this place if this man keeps calling me an infidel,” Mossadegh twice tried to lurch out of his seat on his way to the door. Both times he was blocked by his lawyer, Col. Jalil Bozorgmehr, and court attendants.

Once before, on Nov. 10, Mossadegh had tried to bolt from the courtmartial trying him on charges of attempting to upset the Shah’s dynasty and illegally dissolving the Majlis, lower house of Parliament. That time the aged politician got out of his seat and halfway to the door before being grabbed by Army officers.

Today Mossadegh won a round in a long tilt with the chief prosecutor, Brig. Hossein Azemodeh. [Azemoudeh] After his second attempt of the day to belt, the court chairman instructed Azemodeh to stop calling Mossadegh an infidel.

Before Mossadegh’s blowup, Azemodeh claimed the former premier become Christian during his student days nearly half a century ago in Switzerland. Azemodeh claimed Mossadegh wrote a thesis attacking the Moslem religion.

Still a Moslem, He Says

In his impassioned protest Mossadegh told the court:

“I am from a Moslem family. My wife is a Moslem. My mother was a Moslem. We have a religious ceremony in our house every Thursday night. In spite of all these facts this man, who has been influenced by some higher authority, calls me an infidel and wants to influence people to kill me.”

The chairman told Azemodeh: “Please avoid mentioning anything about his religion.”

The chairman told Mossadegh: “You will be given an opportunity to defend yourself at the proper time.”

Mossadegh’s first outburst was set off by Azemodeh’s charge he twice had refused to keep a copy of the Koran in his cell at Saltanatabad Prison.

The court yesterday rearranged its sittings. From now on, it will sit only once a day from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. No reason was given for the change from a two session-day.

The move will double the length of the trial if Mossadegh and Gen. Taghi Riahi, his former chief of staff, are determined to exert their full legal rights to make long speeches.

Alternate headlines:

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