Mossadegh Returns As Iran Premier

July 22, 1952 — The Associated Press

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AP report following the pro-Mossadegh 30 Tir uprising in Iran.

Iran’s Parliament Re-Elects
Mossadegh Premier

AP (The Associated Press) Tehran, Iran, July 22—(AP)—Iran’s Parliament overwhelmingly renominated Mohammed Mossadegh premier today after two days of bloody Nationalist rioting and disorder had forced the more moderate Ahmed Qavam from the office. [Ahmad Ghavam]

Qavam’s announced determination to seek a settlement of Iran’s oil dispute with Britain set off Communist-strengthened Nationalist mobs who screamed through the streets for his death and battled with police and troops.

Twenty persons reportedly were killed in the fighting which raged through the capital yesterday. Disorders erupted in other parts of the country. Qavam resigned yesterday afternoon.

Pushed Nationalization

Mossadegh, the aged Nationalist hero who pushed nationalization of Iran’s British-operated oil industry to completion last year, quit the premiership last week after Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi refused to let him be war minister as well as premier. [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi] As war minister, he would have controlled the army and police.

Announcement of Qavam’s resignation yesterday afternoon produced immediate scents of wild delirium as thousands of Nationalists sang and danced in the streets and shouted for Mossadegh’s return to office.

Wild Jubilation

Word of his election by Parliament touched off another scene of wild jubilation today.

A crowd of about 5,000 Nationalist supporters, gathered outside the Majlis (Parliament) building, went into a frenzy when the vote of approval was announced. People began dancing, crying, hugging and kissing each other.

Parliamentary officials announced that 61 of the 76 deputies now seated in the Majlis voted for Mossadegh. There were two abstentions and the speaker did not vote.

Alternate headlines:

Mossadegh Again Iran’s Premier Following Rioting


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