Mob of Thousands Back Iran Premier
December 13, 1951 — The Associated Press

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Iranians Roar: ‘Death To Foes Of Mossadegh’

AP (The Associated Press) TEHRAN, Iran. Dec. 13 (AP) — Some 30,000 Nationalist supporters of Premier Mohammed Mossadegh massed before parliament today and roared “death to the enemies of Mossadegh!”. The crowd appeared menacing, but broke up later without violence.

Inside the Parliament Building, the Majlis (lower house) discreetly decided to postpone until Sunday a public meeting originally scheduled for today. Instead they met in secret session. Watchful police and troops lined the huge Majlis square during the rally, announced as a demonstration against “British intrigue.”

However, most of the threats and vilification were directed at Iranian opponents of the aged Premier who led the successful fight to nationalize Iran’s British-controlled oil industry. More than a score of trucks, filled with troops bearing rifles and machine guns, blocked the main gates to the Majlis.

Apparently anxious to avoid a recurrence of last Thursday’s bloodshed, husky youths wearing arm bands checked the identity of everyone entering the square. In last Thursday’s clash between nationalists and communists, at least eight persons were killed and more than 200 injured.

Loudspeakers vied with one another in praise of Mossadegh and vilification of his opponents. A metallic voice boomed thru the square “Where’s Jamal Imami?” “Gone to hell!” the crowd yelled back. [Jamal Emami]

Imami is the leader of the sit-down by 15 opposition deputies and a like number of opposition editors who have taken refuge inside the Majlis building for the last seven days, seeking Mossadegh’s overthrow. Again the loudspeakers dinned: “Imami, if you dare come out of the Majlis, you and your friends will see how the people support Mossadegh.”

Tough-faced youths led the organized shouts of “death” as the loudspeaker rasped the names of the opposition deputies and editors refuged inside the building. Another speaker boomed: “Long live Khalil Tahmasebi”, the assassin of the late Premier Ali Razmara, who opposed oil nationalization. [Khalil Tahmassebi]

Political, student and religious organizations rallied their forces into Majlis square, filling it with colorful flags and posters. Iran’s chief religious leader declared a half-holiday today to encourage Moslems to take part in the demonstration. [Ayatollah Kashani?] Buses and trucks, swarming with youths, carried crowds to the square in a well-organized shuttle system.

After the rally, the crowd dispersed slowly on instructions from the loudspeakers. Before the rally began a delegation of demonstrators went into the parliament building and presented Majlis President Reza Hekmat a declaration supporting Mossadegh.

Before dawn, thousands of men, women and children began streaming into Tehran on bicycles, trucks and donkeys. In the capital, shops and schools were closed and there was a holiday air, despite the obvious tension that prevailed.

Today is the anniversary of the defeat of the puppet Azerbaijan regime in 1946. The rally followed turbulent events yesterday during which more than 50 aged mullahs (Moslem priests) seeking refuge in a mosque from alleged terrorists, were attacked in a fist-fight by rival mullahs. Yesterday’s turbulence also included several pro-Mossadegh and anti-foreign parades.

Alternate headlines:

30,000 Mass in Tehran Rally
30,000 Mossadegh Supporters Mass; Avoid Bloodshed
Premier’s Foes Target of Mob — Supporters of Mossadegh Mass Before Parliament
Iran Mob Breaks Up; No Violence — Shout Death to Foes Of Their Premier
Tension Mounts in Iran as Opposing Factions Clash
Nationalist Mob Disbands in Iran
Angry Mossadegh Followers Howl ‘Death’ For Enemies Of Premier
BUDDIES KILLED — Iranian Lawmakers Hold Secret Session — Crowd Shouts Threats


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