Iran to Get U.S. Aid Again
April 25, 1952 — The Associated Press

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Mohammad Mossadegh was elected Premier on April 28, 1951. One year later, this wire report shows the United States, concerned over potential Soviet encroachment, pledging to renew military aid to Iran after a temporary suspension over terms.


Say Mossadegh’s Government, United States Have Agreed on Terms

AP (The Associated Press) TEHRAN, Iran, APRIL 25 (AP) — Authoritative sources said today Premier Mohammed Mossadegh’s government and the United States have agreed on terms for resuming U.S. military aid to strategic, oil-rich Iran.

Aid was suspended early in January because Mossadegh refused to sign a contract containing six commitments tying Iran to cooperation with the West, as provided under the U.S. mutual security act.

Mossadegh contended such an agreement would violate his neutrality in the East-West cold war. This hurdle was overcome in an exchange of notes between Mossadegh and the U.S. Ambassador Loy Henderson Wednesday.

It was reliably reported that Mossadegh’s note pledged Iran to support the United Nations charter with all resources at his command, build up its defenses and fight any aggression directed against the country.

Henderson then informed Mossadegh that the U.S. State department felt this policy statement made Iran eligible for renewed military aid.

The text of the notes was not made public immediately but was expected soon. U.S. embassy officials declined immediate comment on the reported agreement. The talks leading to the notes reportedly began last Saturday in strict secrecy.

The agreement apparently clears up the fate of the 89-man U.S. Military Advisory mission which has been operating here on an uncertain basis since its contract expired at the end of March.

The Americans were believed dissatisfied with such a state of affairs but agreed to stay on at the request of the Shah. Economic aid totaling $24,000,000 under the point four program also had continued under a separate arrangement.

Alternate headlines:

Iran, U.S. Agree on Military Aid
Military Aid To Iran Assured By Statement


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