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July 24, 1952 — Amsterdam Evening Recorder

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The Amsterdam Evening Recorder and Daily Democrat in New York devoted their lead editorial to the 30 Tir uprising that returned Mossadegh to the premiership.


In a surprising switch of political destiny, Mohammed Mossadegh, nationalist leader, is back in power, and with virtual dictatorial control of riot-scarred Iran. Ahmed Qavam, [Ahmad Ghavam] whom Mossadegh replaces, is reported fleeing for his life.

Complicating the situation is the action of the International Court of Justice, which side-stepped the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute by ruling that it lacked jurisdiction to deal with the situation. This should give the anti-British Mossadegh a firmer hold on his nation.

Should Mossadegh resume pursuit of the policies which have brought his country to the brink of ruin, he will lead Iran to national suicide, with the Communists poised along the sidelines, ready to step in and pick up the pieces. Taking advantage of the confusion, Moscow is directing its propaganda campaign against both the moderates and the Shah who forced Qavam’s retirement in an attempt to placate public resentment. Communist groups are now traveling about Tehran shouting slogans against the Shah, Britain and the United States.

Particularly difficult to understand is Dr. Mossadegh’s plan to reduce his standing army by half, in an effort to make up for losses sustained by dwindling oil revenues. Such a move would render Iran almost completely defenseless against Soviet penetration.

The free world, of course, has too much at stake to stand idly by and permit Iran to fall to the Communists by default. And with the United States still giving economic and military aid to that country, the long-feared showdown with Russia in the Middle East may be approaching more rapidly than most people realize.

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