August 21, 1953 — The Albuquerque Journal

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New Mexico’s main newspaper, The Albuquerque Journal published this editorial two days after the coup in Iran.


The powder-keg of political unrest has at last exploded in Iran. Hundreds are dead. Premier Mossadegh is under arrest after mobs razed his home and slew his foreign minister. [Hossein Fatemi was alive and in hiding]

The howling mobs and Iranian troops apparently overthrew Mossadegh, supposedly Red-backed. [apparently and supposedly!] Mossadegh’s arch-rival, General Zahedi, has been installed as premier. [Fazlollah Zahedi]

The new government promptly announced that young Shah Pahlevi has been summoned from Rome where he had fled. [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi] All of which may make for a better chance to settle the grave Iranian oil controversy.

The British had been driven out of the nation and forced to abandon all its huge oil installations. The U.S. had failed to effect a compromise settlement. The Reds seemed to be destined to grab control of the country until the uprising in which Mossadegh was deposed.

At least, the situation can be no worse for the U.S. It could be much better.

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