Money, Ike and Iran

August 30, 1953 — The Albuquerque Journal

The Mossadegh Project | July 8, 2021                      

New Mexico’s main newspaper, The Albuquerque Journal published this biased and misinformed editorial days after the coup in Iran.


It is disclosed in Denver that President Eisenhower has sent a message of congratulations to the Shah on his return to Iran following Reza Pahlevi’s temporary forced exile by the ousted regime of former Premier Mohammed Mossadegh. [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi] This action bolsters belief the U.S. is prepared to lend immediate aid to Iran.

We can only trust that the Shah will recognize the U.S. wants to help. Mossadegh flirted with the Commies. [wrong] Now he’s out. Maybe that should be a lesson. We shall see. At least the new regime is not regarded as antagonistic to the West. [false premise]


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