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October 20, 1951 — U.S. Editorial

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This dopey commentary reacted to Mossadegh’s presentation at the UN Security Council. On Oct. 20th, at least two New York newspapers ran it as their own — The Herald Statesman in Yonkers and The Daily Argus of Mount Vernon.

Premier Mossadegh’s Faulty Logic

Premier Mossadegh says Iran does not constitute an international problem and should be allowed to settle its own affairs in its own way because it is weak and powerless.

“We do not have battleships in the Thames to threaten London,” he says.

That is an absurd position. Korea was also weak and powerless—and see what happened!

At First, the U.S. Was Optimistic About New Premier Mossadegh
Estimate of the Political Strength of the Mosadeq Government (U.S. Embassy in Iran, May 1951)


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