A Step Too Far
August 25, 1953 — U.S. Editorial

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This non-syndicated editorial was published under the masthead of various newspapers in the United States shortly after the overthrow of Premier Mossadegh.


Mohammed Mossadegh, who for several years was gradually seizing more and more power in Iran, finally went one step too far. He underestimated the popularity of the Shah and the strength and number of his followers. Now the Shah, who was forced to flee after an abortive palace revolt failed, is back in power and Mossadegh is out.

Throughout his political career the aging Premier frequently made use of the Iranian mobs which seem to be easy to excite and provoke to violence. Whenever his position seemed to be threatened by his political rivals, Mossadegh shed a few tears and threatened to resign. This was usually the signal for the mobs to assemble and begin shouting death to Mossadegh’s political enemy of the moment. Just before he toppled from power Mossadegh heard the same mobs crying for his life.

The Shah is said to be pro-Western and to be desirous of bringing a greater degree of freedom and a higher living standard to Iran. He is popular with the people and can become a symbol of a new Iran, willing to co-operate with the West and settle the differences which separate it from Britain and the United States.

As for Mossadegh, his fall should serve as an object lesson to all men who aspire to power by use of mob violence. Mobs are fickle and those who rise by violence can only expect to fall and fall hard from the same violence.

Newspapers that published this editorial included:

The Daily Herald (Provo, Utah) — August 25, 1953
The Oneonta Star (Oneonta, New York) — August 25, 1953
The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas) — August 26, 1953 (lead editorial)
The Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas) — August 27, 1953
The Terre Haute Tribune (Terre Haute, Indiana) — August 31, 1953
The Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light (Corsicana, Texas) — September 1, 1953

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