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June 17, 1952 — U.S. Editorial

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This non-syndicated editorial was published in numerous U.S. newspapers in June 1952.

Iran’s Problems

PREMIER Mohammed Mossadegh has warned the world court that the issues involved in the Iranian oil dispute are “too sacred and too critical” to be left to the decision of an international body. [International Court at the Hague, Netherlands] He politely but firmly informed the court that the problem was Iran’s own business. It may be all very well for Premier Mossadegh to maintain that Iran’s problems are its own in most instances. But because of his country’s actions the free world has been deprived of a great supply of oil vital to its defense.

The Iranian position has given aid and assistance to the cause of Communism and has encouraged Russia to make overtures to Iran which could be dangerous to the democracies. While Iran co-operated with Britain in producing oil the people of Iran benefited. Now that oil has been nationalized and the British banished the production of oil has fallen to an all time low.

Mossadegh’s people have been impoverished by the stubborness [sic] of their government and the position of the Communist party in Iran has been strengthened. If Iran were to fall into the hands of the Reds all of Europe might be endangered. It is hard to see how Premier Mossadegh can take the position that what has happened in his country is no one else’s business.

Alternate headlines:

The Waukesha Daily Freeman (Waukesha, Wisconsin) — June 17, 1952
The Cumberland Evening Times (Cumberland, Maryland) — June 18, 1952
The Traverse City Record-Eagle (Traverse City, Michigan) — June 19, 1952 (lead editorial)
The Lebanon Daily News (Lebanon, Pennsylvania ) — June 19, 1952 (Iran Is Tottering)
The Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas) — June 25, 1952
The Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light (Corsicana, Texas) — June 27, 1952


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