Letting Off Steam
October 22, 1953 — U.S. Editorial

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This non-syndicated editorial was published in numerous U.S. newspapers, including:

The Daily Chronicle (Centralia, Washington) — October 22, 1953
The Cumberland News (Cumberland, Maryland) — October 22, 1953
Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada ) — October 23, 1953
The Niagara Falls Gazette (Niagara Falls, New York) — October 23, 1953 (lead editorial)

Iranís Best Hope

So inflamed was the public mind in Iran by the extreme and unrealistic demands of deposed Premier Mossadegh that the shah is compelled to go slow in seeking a practical settlement of the oil dispute. But Iran cannot afford to wait.

Mossadegh, during his 28 months as premier, dissipated two-thirds of the nationís foreign exchange reserve. No oil was produced or marketed after the British left. [Wrong, Iran still produced crude oil, yet was unable to market it due to the British blockade] The government is put to considerable expense in maintaining the idle properties, and to forego the revenues formerly paid by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, which met more than 20 per cent of the governmentís budget.

The new government wants to get oil revenues flowing again without causing a popular uprising. It is therefore trying to prepare the public mind. It points out that the interests and welfare of the Iranian people demand a settlement.

An oil settlement would not solve Iranís difficulties. World oil production expanded quickly to make up for the 700,000 barrels a day formerly provided by Iran. Mossadeghís legacy of anti-westernism and Communist intrigue may result in fresh explosions before sane rule can check inflation, unemployment and declining living standards. But getting the Abadan refineries working again would raise Iranís status from hopeless to merely desperate.

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