Shaky Position
August 28, 1953 — U.S. Editorial

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This non-syndicated editorial was published under the masthead of various American newspapers.

Aid For The Shah

Mohammed Mossadegh has toppled from power in Iran but he leaves his country and its Shah a legacy of problems that will be difficult to solve. The country is all but bankrupt. The chief source of income for Iran was the royalties paid by the British oil interests. When the oil resources were nationalized and the British driven out, the oil stopped flowing from the ground and the cash stopped flowing into the Iranian treasury.

The Shah, aware of his shaky position, wants aid from abroad. This can only mean the United States. While no formal petition for aid has been made since the one made by Mossadegh and rejected by President Eisenhower, it is certain that our government is considering ways to aid Iran. Unless we help the Shah may have to turn to Russia as Mossadegh did.

If the Shah can manage to stay in power and at the same time find a way to each an agreement with Britain the situation may be improved. Mossadegh devoted a lot of time and energy to whipping up hatred of the British and it may not be possible for the Shah to reverse this attitude immediately. But in the long run this is the only thing that can bring any measure of economic stability to Iran.

Newspapers that published this editorial included:

The Oneonta Star (Oneonta, New York) — August 28, 1953
The Manfield News-Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) (titled “A Legacy of Problems”)
The Record-Argus (Greenville, Pennsylvania) — August 29, 1953
The Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light (Corsicana, Texas) — September 8, 1953


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