Mossadegh’s Norouz Message To the Nation
March 19, 1953 (28 Esfand 1332)

Ebrahim Norouzi, MD
The Mossadegh Project | March 19, 2012                     

On the eve of Persian New Year and the start of Spring, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh issued this patriotic message to the people of Iran. He also came on the radio that day to deliver what would become his final Norouz address as Prime Minister.

Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, Prime Minister of Iran My revered countrymen,

With hope for the final victory of the Iranian nation, I am honored to congratulate my dear compatriots on the great national celebration of the start of the New Year. With admiration for the spirit and resilience of the valiant sons and daughters of our homeland and appreciation for their bold and tireless struggles, I pray to God Almighty for the fulfillment of their National aspirations.

The Norouz celebration not only heralds the start of the New Year, it reminds the nation of their honorable and glorious past and brings to mind the greatness of our ancient country.

I hope that with each Norouz a fresh page will be added to the pages of our grand history and I appeal to God for a happy and healthy New Year for all my dear fellow countrymen.

Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh

• Souce: Etelaat — 28 Esfand 1331 (March 19, 1953)
• Translation by Ebrahim Norouzi, MD. © 2012 The Mossadegh Project

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