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Documentary: "Secrets of the CIA"
Five Former CIA Agents Blow the Lid Off US Espionage- Foreign & Domestic

The Mossadegh Project | December 1, 2010

"Who were these agents, and what were they doing in Guatemala, and Iran? How did patriotic Americans from Main Street neighborhoods get caught up in the overthrow of foreign governments? What were they doing in places like Ecuador, and Vietnam, where the CIA organized torture and assassination? These are the stories of former agents who dared to break away...from the CIA." [1998, 44 minutes]


Ralph McGehee
Location: Southeast Asia
Assignment: Director of Covert Operations Thailand-Vietnam

Verne Lyon
Location: Iowa State University- Havana, Cuba
Assignment: Domestic spying on anti-war demonstrators
Economic sabotage Cuba deep cover
status unverifiable

Mary Embree
Location: CIA Headquarters, Washington DC
Assignment: Audio surveillance division - research
(covert bombing, torture methods, poisons)

Phil Agee
Location: Latin America
Assignment: Advisor to national police forces-
destabilization and disinformation specialist

Phil Roettinger
Location: Guatemala, Mexico
Assignment: Overthrow democratically elected government of Guatemala
Surveillance of Fidel Castro.

Other interviewees:

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Admiral Stansfield Turner (Former CIA Director)
Rear Admiral Gene LaRocque
Peter Kornbluh

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