John Bolton: Bomb Iran, Overthrow Regime

John Bolton Former UN Ambassador: 1953 Coup Was Justified

John Bolton is the hawkish, stubborn, uncivil short-lived U.S. Ambassador to the UN. Bolton once threw a public tantrum effectively denying the existence of that very institution ["There is no such thing as the United Nations"]; said there was "no moral equivalence" between the lives of Lebanese civilians and Israelis during Israel's 2006 U.S.-sponsored bombardment of Lebanon and mass murder of its people; and was a major supporter of the invasion of Iraq. He has also openly, repeatedly, called for the bombing of Iran.

Bolton has always defended the United States' decision to overthrow Dr. Mossadegh in 1953 when confronted with the subject. In September 2007, he was quoted as saying that he longs for those good old days of U.S. coups:

"If we were to strike Iran it should be accompanied by an effort at regime change..", said Bolton. "The US once had the capability to engineer the clandestine overthrow of governments. I wish we could get it back."

On August 15, 2008, John Bolton was interviewed by Canadian journalist Avi Lewis for the show Inside USA on Al Jazeera. In the TV interview, Bolton is asked about the 1953 coup, which he shamelessly defends, citing the bogus Communist threat. Video:

Actor, comedian, and The Simpsons voice maestro Harry Shearer responded to Bolton's "regime change" statement in a blog on 9/30/07:

Harry Shearer In case any new people have recently wandered into the room, let's review those wonderful days gone by: the US overthrew at least three governments I remember, all three of them (how odd!) democratically elected: in Iran (things have gone so well there since then), Guatemala (ditto), and Chile. The latter regime change brought to power Gen. Pinochet, who recently died just as he was about to stand trial for the murder of thousands of his countrymen. Most spectacularly, one of those murders took place on the streets of our own capital. Yeah, I miss those kinds of balls, too.

Is Bolton just a wondrously goofy free-lancer? Or, in taking him semi-seriously, do the Brits perceive something we don't, that he's the unrestrained, uninhibited id of the Bush administration, wishing for what his brethren still in power are planning?

Longer view: what makes Bolton and his ilk so bizarre is that, on the one hand, they are the primary believers in American exceptionalism, the notion that something or somebody (God? Satan?) imbued this country with inherent moral good, so that we're immune to the evils and ills that plague all the other nations, no matter what we do (to argue otherwise, they say, is to engage in "moral relativism"). Yet, on the other hand, they most eagerly ignore those very elements -- painstakingly woven into the fundamental document of the nation by our founders -- that sought to keep this country from succumbing to the same ills -- meddling in the affairs of others, centralizing power in the executive -- that drove them to revolution, and to try to make this a nation apart..

But then, ids aren't supposed to be rational.

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