Iran Closes Down Israel Consulate
July 7, 1951 — The Associated Press

The Mossadegh Project | January 3, 2015      

This is a brief wire report about the shuttering of the Iranian consulate in Israel. Click for more background on this development, and a chronology of Israel - Iran relations.

Other headlines for this AP article included:

Iran Closes Consul Office in Jerusalem
Iran Orders Consulate In Jerusalem Closed
Iran Orders Consulate in Israel to Close Down

Iran Orders Consulate In Jerusalem Closed

AP (The Associated Press) July 7, 1951 TEHRAN, Iran, July 7 (AP)—Iran today ordered its consulate in Jerusalem to close down.

Government officials said there was no intention to withdraw Iran’s de facto recognition of Israel, but the move was interpreted here as intended to appease the Moslem Nationalists supporting Premier Mohammed Mossadegh.

An announcement said the Iranian legation in Hashemite Jordan would look after Iranian interests in Israel.

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